Future of Healthcare

You and yours family personal virtual medical relationship manager who thrives for creating one centralized repository of all your medical history & activities.

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Blockchain in Healthcare

DLT technology, popularized by  Blockchain DLT to manage clinical trials data and electronic medical records ,  tracking  pharma supply chain authentication while maintaining regulatory compliance has become a growing trends and  is creating hype in the healthcare industry as it’s benefit is perfectly match herein.

We have expertises and  solutions for enterprises and business who are looking to build trust and efficiency through DLT in their respective organizations.

Future of Pharmacy

Working with technology and Government regulation we are working around solutions to best provides compliance and efficiency in pharmacy operations.  




MedRunner vision is to provide proactive personalized quality healthcare at affordable prices. And along this process we have embraced technology and partnering with care provider’s and families creating an ecosystem of 24/7, 365 days monitoring, awareness and wellbeing to those who need it.