MedRunner  History

Medrunner Pvt Ltd  is a medtech startup , with bilateral relationships and strategic + investment  partnerships with  Krypta Analytics.

Krypta Analytics is a subsidy of Krypta Records Management Pvt. Ltd.

Krypta Records Management is a 10 year old enterprise providing business outsourcing solutions to telecommunication companies in India, and cold storage solutions to global brands.

Krypta Analytics provides consulting, design strategy and information technology solutions along with their partner, LYDtech.

The Story Behind MedRunner

MedRunner: Blockchain, Healthcare & Behavioural science, finding the middle path.

By Jyoti Prakash

Universal healthcare for all is inevitable. 

Having said that, let’s beginning with striking the red-hot iron.

Is providing healthcare for all too expensive? 

This present solid economic reality may too quickly melt into the air as the pace of change increases, accelerating as we march into the 21st century. New realities such as super-intelligent machines, self-learning, and self-engineering algorithms create an environment where human skills are suppressed by more efficient AI algorithms and machinery.

Everything is in flux here and a more urgent and complicated question than ever before arises of survival of human society.

Universal severance package to advert economic, social and not to mention political crisis, presents itself forward as a go-to solution and becomes center stage of popular discourse. Everything else is out of the window.

But the inevitable realities of the unfolding 21st century will take a gradual slope towards its complete arrival. Given us all the time to plan and place in a counter infrastructure in order to replace or slower the inevitable discourse.

Back to the drawing boards: Designing a severance package must include among others basics, universal health care, and education because these are that foundation pillars of a humorous society. After all, “happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory”.

However, novel solutions like universal healthcare have to find prerequisite innovations and creative manipulations in healthcare in order to in current the present forces of the prevailing solid economic headwinds.

Back again to yesterday’s bad memories: Healthcare in India or any given developing nation, is biased towards curative care and geared towards secondary and tertiary care; uninsured, expensive and unaccountable, where the focus is on treating very sick patients.

Solution: Engineering Reverse Innovation: We as designers cannot simply adapt; we have to disrupt.

But before disruption, it is important to define the problems unique technical and socioeconomic factors behind them. And then dictate a viable solution, independently from our existing to entail a healthcare delivery infrastructure of adequate quality for the masses, which first is accessible, analytical hence acceptable at a price affordable or barter exchange.

The popular bandwagon: There is great excitement around disruptive technologies like AI and ML, and yet an equally powerful engine of innovation lies in understanding how human minds work. We increasingly, need to look to behavioral science (B.S) as a source of human-centric thinking to create a new generation of powerful products and services.

A.I. needs data to thrive. So let’s begin with the other side of the coin, humans may provide all the data needed but what every human need.

Behavioral economists understand that one of the most vital motivators of human behavior is the fear of loss or loss aversion. We are more motivated to not lose something than to gain something of equal value. Articulating potential losses of safety needs – protection from elements, security, order, law, stability, health, freedom from fear can sometimes be an even more powerful motivator.

Finding the middle path: Our product, MedRunner is simply a behavioral or psychological motivator, establishing or providing a starting point of an institution or activity to leads towards disruption in healthcare. The placebo effect to a mindset drift.

Things get interesting as we connect on MedRunner’s SOS feature, but first let’s too put lights on new vistas, the promise of blockchain and ownership/ tokenization of personal data.

Barter exchange: A.I. needs data to thrive.  We humans as users may provide an unlimited source of medical data.

Data is the new oil. But quality data is electric gold. Among a plethora of use cases of the blockchain, the pharma industry, the true killer applications of Blockchain DLT may be born.

The blockchain acts like an immutable ledger. This record keeping creates a virtually incorruptible sequence of data blocks linked to one another, each having a time and date stamp. Authenticity is guaranteed by design in its code.

Creating an ecosystem to collect a large amount of data regularly on a blockchain DLT network and putting it for sale, will bring buyers to line up and input billions of dollar to fuel such an ecosystem.

And the perfect match is found. Ayushman Bharat -Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY), as an ecosystem that may provide such colossal large amount of data regularly.

Helping Government or partnering healthcare services :

We want to aid the Government or partnering healthcare services providers to improve medical delivery to every citizen of India (or globally) and partner with all to doing so. We believe healthcare, wellness, and health insurance are universal rights and only larger scale partner in technology, logistics, infrastructure, manpower, and sheer political promptness and willpower, is needed, which needs partnership and alliances.

And look into the opportunities of pharma + pharmacy SaaS and CROs partnership in helping infuse global talent and technology, create world-class medical infrastructure and state of the art healthcare delivery mechanism promoting wellness, inbound medical tourism ecosystem, and local job creation, alongside tracking of pharma products on blockchain DLT, weed out counterfeit drugs. While along the way funding Ayushman Bharat -Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) through barter exchange of medical data. Data is the new oil or call it electric gold. Why not creatively put it to use for the larger good.

We will like to further discuss and elaborate how our viral SOS feature with its EMRs & HIEs and family health-tech management toolkit, may be molded into an on-demand C2B healthcare platform, branching further in due time to foster preventive care nurturing complementary and alternative medicine therapy. But that’s a tall tale for some other time.

In general, we tend to overestimate the effect of simple technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. Simple things change mindsets over time, simpler thing connects in a continuation and simplest things create value over a lifetime.

Likewise, our SOS feature is the first nascent steps, towards a proactive/preventive mindset, then the present established reactive/curative mindset towards personal healthcare.

The biggest promise is not in what’s there. But in what is to come. But before, there are many building blocks that need to be established. Inception before the disruption.

Apart for that, we have a working prototype of Blockchain DLT Pharma supply chain and clinical trials solution.